Different Types of Exterior Doors

I have always stared in awe at these huge mansions with the most amazing doors. They look so antique and fancy at the same time. Of course they would look ridiculous on a home that was not a mansion. But there are some pretty amazing options even for us regular people who want to replace our exterior doors.

Single Doors


If you think that your house would look best with a single door then you can consider this as an option. Once you have decided on single doors you then have to choose whether you want it to be wooden, or a combination of wrought iron and frosted glass, or a combination of wood, iron and glass. No matter what you choose, single doors give the feeling of a warm and cozy home on the inside.

Double Doors

For those who have more space in their door frame, double doors are a good option. They also make things a lot easier when trying to move furniture into the house. You also have the option of using only one door and only opening the other one when necessary. Again for double doors, you can choose all sorts of combinations with different materials like wood, glass and wrought iron.Image

Sliding Doors


Sliding doors are great for the entrance into the garden or the back yard. Glass sliding doors give you an advantage when you are trying to keep an eye on the kids while also working at the same time. They block out most of the noise and disturbance but they allow you complete visibility in case one of the kids hurts themselves or any other situation arises. For children who aren’t tall enough to reach door knobs, sliding doors are a lot easier to open. Glass sliding doors also allow for plenty of daylight to come into the house and they also give the house a futuristic look.


Whichever style you choose, all doors can be made energy efficient. And what’s more, if you replace your old doors with new energy efficient ones, it can qualify as a tax deduction on your income tax. You can try Champion Window and Doors for a large variety of energy efficient doors.