Few benefits of double hung window

One of the traditional styles of windows still used commonly is the double hung window. It looks equally good in a modern style or a traditional home. A double hung window has a two sashes, upper and lower sliding one over the other. You can either open one sash or both sashes at the same time. If you open both the sashes, the maximum open space would be half the size of the window .Double hung window has many benefits. Let us have a look at them.


Ventilation:  These windows provide great ventilation. Opening the top sash only helps in good cross ventilation. Keeping both sashes open, ventilation can also be controlled by letting the warm, stale air out from top and letting in cool fresh air from bottom.

Ease of cleaning:  They are easy to clean. They can be cleaned from inside as they can be tilted and rotated inside.

Safety:  They don’t project out and are safe especially for children. Unlike single hung windows, there is no fear of children falling out as you can keep only half the window open. Half screens or full screens can also be installed with these windows either on the inside or outside for additional safety and to keep pests out. A key stop lock also can be put on the window to avoid it being opened after a certain point.  A lock mechanism can help keep thieves and intruders out.

Space saving:  Since these windows slide instead of opening inwards or outwards, they need no extra space for smooth operation.

Versatility: Available in wood, metal or vinyl and in various styles, sizes and colors, they suit any architectural type of home, whether modern or traditional and can be installed either as a single window or in groups. They can be easily installed just like any other replacement window.

Energy efficient:  These windows nowadays come with double pane glass and with proper sealing and installation can be quite energy efficient. You might want to check out reviews of Champion Window and Doors.  Their Comfort365 glass is Energy Star rated and will optimize savings in your utility bills. While letting in maximum light, it blocks out harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Available either with solid glass pane or grid options, double hung windows, let in more light and air. They also provide a good outside view. When it comes to buying new windows or replacement windows, double hung windows have a lot of advantages over single hung windows. Because of their versatility, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency, this type of windows are becoming popular.

But whichever type or style of windows you choose let them be energy efficient. In this age of energy crisis and environment pollution, every step taken by each individual would make a difference. Replacing windows is also a big investment you make. If you install energy efficient windows, you will get returns in terms of savings in energy bills too in the long run. And not to forget- you will have a comfortable, healthy home.