5 Reasons to Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

Like any homeowner you are looking to saving costs, want assured comfort and value for money in any home improvement plan. If you are thinking about redoing sidings there are many choices. Sidings can add curb appeal, insulate your home, and protect it from weather conditions. These external cladding boards are available in many materials and you can choose what works best for your home and helps in adding value and meets practical considerations.

Adding sidings to your home can dramatically improve external appeal and add to property value. Sidings are available in wood, metal, composite material, fiberglass, and vinyl among others. Since it was introduced few decades back, vinyl siding has evolved and improved to becoming the most popular siding in American homes across the nation. Insulated vinyl siding is an accepted choice for many reasons that benefit homeowners.

insulated-vinyl-siding-pricesDurability and Insulation Properties

Insulated vinyl is robust and tough material that takes away the stress of homeowners as it is built to last. The material can withstand adverse weather conditions and has greater life expectancy without getting damaged. Compared to the earlier versions the material has advanced and developed into an innovative and extremely durable external cladding option for homes. The material is constructed and engineered using special methods that ensure that it can withstand heat, cold, rain, moisture and high winds. Due to its impact resistance it is among the best choices for sidings.

Insulated vinyl siding is built to defend your home against the elements and helps to maintain temperatures of your home to comfortable degrees. It can fit tightly without any gaps and acts as a thermal barrier for your home and reduce your energy consumption expenses. The high performance and energy saving ratings are among the factors for the popularity of this siding type.

Attractive Appeal

You can improve your home’s curb appeal by choosing insulated vinyl siding. Select from an extensive range of colors, textures and designs to suit the personal style and architecture of your home. Homeowners can upgrade and improve the overall external look of their home by choosing the versatile material. This symmetrical material adds an elegant finish to your home’s exterior and make your home stand out from the rest in beautiful ways. The cladding can be customized to fit in difficult corners and angles on the external walls and give it a streamlined appearance.

Low Maintenance

When you choose insulated vinyl siding you don’t have to spend too much time in maintenance. The insulated material keeps it shape and there are no problems with bugs or insects infesting the material and it won’t rot. You can spray water and clean the sidings and the sidings will not dent or warp.

Cost Effective

Homeowners can benefit due to the high performance and insulation properties of vinyl cladding that has inbuilt insulation materials. The material is available in large panels that can be installed easily and will serve as a thermal barrier. It helps reduce energy loss and saves on utility bills so it a cost saving for homeowners. You can get tax credit by using the highly recommended siding material. Additional benefits to be derived from using the versatile material are that there is reduction in sound disturbance from the outside and your home remains comfortable during warm or cold weather conditions due to the insulation quality.

Easy To Install

Insulated vinyl siding is available in large panels and customizable sizes and can be easily installed in minimum time without any stress and hassles of prolonged work. It is an easy and quick solution to home improvement. It is important to get professional contractors to install the sidings as shoddy work can mean repair and air leaks.

Choosing vinyl as insulated external cladding will increase the resale value of your home, increase comfort with the greening factor of reduction in energy use and  is among the better choices for home renovation.


How to Earn Tax Credit with Window Replacements

When you replace home windows there are many benefits to be derived. The best part about replacing your windows is that you can claim tax credit. Are your windows really past their prime and beginning to show signs of wear and tear or damage? Are utility bills getting higher? If affirmative then it is time to substitute them for newer windows which have better insulation and will save costs for energy consumption.


Why Go For New Windows?

There are many plus points if you decide on replacement windows. If your windows are more than fifteen years old it may be time to consider new substitutes that provide more value for money and are energy efficient. If you have skylights that leak or if any room in your house have faulty windows you could do better by considering new windows or skylights.

Federal Regulations Criteria and Steps

The 2013 Federal tax regulations state that homeowners are eligible for tax benefits if they qualify according to the specified criteria.

  • Buy replacement windows before the specified date limit
  • The windows should be ENERGY STAR® rated
  • Homeowners should provide documentary proof from the window replacement manufacturers which include certification and product ENERGY STAR® rating document and receipts and the NFRC label which shows the rating meets the rules and regulations
  • New windows or skylights installed in areas where there were none earlier also qualify for tax savings
  • Your existing home or newly constructed home is eligible in these criteria if the windows were installed between the defined dates.
  • You have to fill in the IRS form and submit it before the deadline to benefit and qualify for tax cuts
  • There is tax benefits up to 10% of the product cost of approximately $200 for the window replacement in the specified criteria
  • Installation costs are not included 

What is ENERGY STAR® Rated?

Replacement window technology has advanced and improved to include specialized ratings that prove its energy efficiency. Leading companies that manufacture and install replacement windows have enhanced products with certified ratings. The ENERGY STAR® rating is given to products that qualify for energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. These products include glass and construction materials that have insulating capacities which reduce consumption of energy. The products are tested and verified to prove their energy efficiency and then labeled which can be checked by customers prior to purchase. Utility bill savings can be up to 20% or more and the benefit is overall good for the environment. The ENERGY STAR® rated products for window replacement provide efficient sealing of air leaks.

 Signs for Replacing Windows

When you see the many indications to reveal that your home is facing problems with insulation against heat and cold, then it shows that replacement windows are needed.

  • You and family feel uncomfortably warm and need to turn up the air-conditioning during the warmer months and you pay higher energy consumption bills.
  • During winter the house is uncomfortably cold and drafty and your heating bills increase. There is build up of frost and ice and increased condensation.
  • You can see clear signs of seal and caulking failure.
  • Windows are tough to operate and don’t open or close easily
  • The frame is damaged beyond repair
  • The windows do not shut out outside sound disturbance
  • Windows look cracked and have a worn out appearance

It is advisable to go to the professional window replacement manufacturing companies who are specialized in the industry of window work and installation and ensure warranties and energy efficiency rated products. You will discover a huge difference in comfort levels during extreme weather at home and the payback is savings on your energy bills and tax credit.


Choosing the Right Type of Windows for your Living Room

What are the types of windows that will suit your living room best? Windows bring in light and can accentuate and beautify a room to advantage. Keeping this in mind it is good to be well informed before selecting windows for the living room. There are many aspects that can be considered when selecting window styles, but among them choosing the type of window is important as it’s a long term investment and lifestyle decision. There are extensive choices in quality replacement windows which can increase the value of your property and are built with energy efficient features.

The first step is to choose the windows styles before you decide on budget, color, material, and other considerations. Another fact is that window styles can be mixed and combined to work well with the architectural style of your home. Replacement windows can be custom designed and manufactured to fit the already existing area in the operating style, frame, and material of your choice.

There are many designs in windows styles for selection depending on individual needs based on the size of the room, interior design, and building architecture.


Casement Windows

These are an excellent choice when you want easy to operate windows for your living room.  Casement windows are popular contemporary style, are hinged at the side and can be opened and closed with a handle and has a single sash.

Double Hung Windows

Select these windows if you want a traditionally classic type of window style for ventilation purposes. These windows don’t take up interior or exterior space as they don’t protrude. They have two sashes which tilt inwards and enable easy cleaning.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are great if your living room has beautiful outside views. These windows can make the living room appear larger by extending the space and is a combination of three windows. Bow windows are similar as they project outwards from the room in a curved style. A window seat or shelving to place décor items can be added in front of the window to enhance its beauty.

Picture Windows

Choose this type of window style if you want to showcase and maximize the view outside your living room. You can combine this style with casement or double hung windows to increase ventilation. Picture windows are suitable for any home and give the impression of living paintings especially when they frame beautiful views.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a pretty addition to living rooms as you can get the benefit of a small garden outside the window. These windows protrude outside and have shelves to keep potted plants, flowering shrubs or herbs. These windows provide light and enhance the exterior of your home and can prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating indoors by fixing specially coated glass panes.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement style but the hinges are at the top instead of the sides. These windows provide good ventilation, security and are wide but narrow in height. They can be added above doors or other windows.

Palladian Windows

This window style is made up of a set of windows with an arch above made from a fixed window. These windows add drama to a room as they provide extensive views and can complement the interior décor in distinctive style. The center section is larger than the sides in this ancient Roman classic style that has been adapted in modern homes.  

It is good to know the window styles before deciding on what suits your living room best. Choose window installation companies that manufacture replacement windows using materials that can save energy and provide warranties check Champion Windows Complaints here first. Leading window replacement companies provide no-obligation consultation which can help in deciding window selection effectively.


Window Protection before a Storm

Storms can cause major damage and if your windows are not protected, they can get blown away and endanger your home. More important is that you should know how to protect your home’s windows in the proper way and well ahead of storms. It is good to research about choices in window protection and to get installation of top quality window protection done and minimize danger to your property.

If you live in an inland area where the design wind speed is 110mph or more, there is a great likelihood of windborne debris causing damage to your property during stormy weather. In such cases its best to get window protective measures. Another major risk is when your windows are open during a storm it can cause resultant damages. Be prepared and take action to preserve and shield your windows.


Storm Protective Measures

One way is to consider replacing your existing windows with shatter resistant replacement windows with top rated glass and include shutters. Replacement window manufacturing has improved vastly over time and now windows that can withstand impact of storms are available with reinforced glass.

You should be well informed if your home is in a storm zone, so that you can install replacement windows and shutters well ahead of adverse weather conditions. There are double paned glass windows that are constructed of three panes including laminated panes with air space in between the outside pane and the inner section. Choosing window glass that has been tested for safety standards will ensure certain level of protection.

Installation of top quality impact resistant windows is an effective step for homeowners who live in stormy weather zones. If your home is situated in hurricane prone areas, installing reinforced windows that can withstand winds of 150mph can help to a great extent. The windows are built with aluminum frames and double strength glass. Discounted premiums are offered by insurance companies for installation of storm protection windows. You can save money and costs and protect your family and home when you choose such type of window installation. Such windows have the additional benefits of saving utility bills as they are highly energy efficient as well.

There are different types of reinforced glass that are available that are specially made for windows. These are double or triple paned types which go through stringent tests for impact according to federal safety standards. These tests are done to check the windows strength to withstand flying debris caused by storms or hurricanes and to stand up against wind speeds.

Hurricane Shutters

Shutters that can be worked by rolling up or down can be installed and used during storms. These work manually or electrically. Some types work by sliding down over windows just before a storm is expected. Other types of shutters are accordion shutters that slide into grooves. These cover ups are available in reinforced fabric and aluminum combined with foam. Using plywood or window film are not recommended according to the latest safety standards.

It is advisable to check if your shutters are strong enough and working well much before stormy weather is predicted in the area around your home. The shutters should be able to lock and open and shut easily and should be free from damage. Any damaged parts should be repaired or replaced. Don’t wait till the last minute to arm your windows.

Reinforcing and strengthening windows should be done when your buy or build your home, rather than delay or procrastinate. It is never too early to be prepared for the impact of nature’s fury and to protect your family, belongings and home.


5 Great Ideas to Improve the Look and Function of Your Backyard

The backyard is often ignored as it isn’t technically inside the house. People often use it as an outdoor utility room, with rarely used and unwanted things, or objects too big to fit in the house kept there. Even if a backyard is maintained, it’s always so simple and straightforward, some plants, a few lawn chairs and maybe an umbrella. The backyard though is more than just that, it has the potential to be an outdoor area that will transform your house, and give you a peaceful, relaxed venue where you can enjoy the nature around you and carry out a variety of tasks. There are many approaches to sprucing up the utility and functionality of your backyard, pick one that suits your needs and personality and enjoy this new and improved space for years to come.

5 Great Ideas to Improve the Look and Function of Your Backyard

  • Flooring. Start at the bottom, if your backyard has an earthy floor or looks like a bland slab of concrete, relay it with colorful tiles or brickwork to make it look elegant, rustic or modern based on your taste and the style your house has been constructed in. Make sure the flooring matches the rest of the exterior of your house so that it doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.
  •  Greenery. Nature and greenery are an inherent part of the backyard, they should be present in some quantity, but not be allowed to overrun the area. If you have the time, maintain an extensive shrubbery, or go for something smaller like a flower-bed. If you view your backyard in the modern, minimalist frame of mind, hang a few potted plants, but a touch of green is essential in any backyard.
  • Fire. A great way to make your backyard unique is by adding a fireplace, and if that’s too expensive, a fire-pit. Your outdoor barbeque sessions will transform completely with these additions, and will make your backyard a fun place to hang out, even during the depths of winter.
  • Water. Swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, fountains, the possibilities are endless. Spruce up your backyard with some water-based installations to bring a measure of peace and tranquility to it. The only drawback here is the high level of maintenance, but it sure is worth the trouble.
  • Sunrooms. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to go about developing your backyard into an outdoor vista, why not invest in a sunroom, which will give you all the benefits of an outdoor vista, but none of its trappings. A semi-enclosed space that keeps out the elements but still lets you look out into the sky and enjoy the sun. The options here are staggering too, just take a look at Champion Window’s sunroom varieties, you can transform your backyard in to an extra room for leisure and relaxation. According to Champion Window complaints, this is a great way to utilize your backyard space and turn it into something unique.

Your backyard can be transformed into a place of beauty, tranquility and convenience with the help of a few of these additions, and can turn into a place where family and friends can a have a good time in an outdoor environment.