The Latest Appliances That Can Save You Energy

There are a lot of our home appliances that run on electricity. We use these every day, some more than others and some of these appliances are on all day. Washing machines, dish washers, microwaves, air conditioners, computers, water heaters, ovens, blenders, refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers and the list just goes on. Paying the bill at the end of the month is something that nobody looks forward too. All these appliances are necessary for everyday use and it is unrealistic to stop using them to bring down your bills. This is where energy efficient appliances come in.

ENERGY STAR qualified appliances like washing machines and refrigerators are 20% more energy efficient than standard models. When shopping for home appliances, be sure to look for the blue energy star sticker on any model that you shortlist. ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers use less than 6 gallons (1-2) of water per cycle as opposed to other dishwashers that use 10.

energy star

Refrigerators with attached freezers use up more energy because inside the refrigerator, the air needs to circulate while freezers require the air to stay just the way it is. Buying a separate freezer (ENERGY STAR qualified of course) will help you save energy. Bigger freezers require more energy, so unless you really need a big one, buy a size that works for you. Chest freezers are a lot more energy efficient than upright ones because they allow less air to escape when they are opened.

How you use your appliances also plays a big role in how much energy you can save. Only using your washing machine or dishwasher on a full load, and letting your clothes and dishes air dry will save an incredible amount of energy. Making sure that the doors and windows are properly shut with the curtains drawn before you turn on your air conditioner will also prevent energy from being wasted.

Buying energy efficient appliances is not enough. If you are truly concerned about how much energy is wasted, you must be careful when you use each appliance to further save energy. So, don’t stand in front of the open kitchen door for ages trying to decide what you want from it. Don’t go in and out of a room where the AC is on unless you absolutely have to. And most of all, don’t leave the water heater on after the red light goes off because that means your water is hot and leaving it on any longer than necessary just means that energy is being wasted. 


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