Types of patio doors

If you want to add style to your home and give it a fresh new look, adding a patio door is a great option. Patio doors bring in lot of light in and make your home look spacious. With glass panes from the floor to almost ceiling height, they give you a great view of the outside. Patios off the dining room or kitchen can be turned into entertaining and eating spots. Patio doors can also be used an extra entrance/exit point.


Patio doors come in three main types -sliding/gliding, folding and hinged. The type you choose will depend on the style of your home, space , your preference and  budget.

Sliding doors are generally chosen to save space which hinged doors need for opening inward or outward. If your room is small and you have to use the space to arrange furniture, sliding doors are the best option. Made mostly of glass, they let in more light then hinged doors.

Hinged doors either open outwards of inwards -hinged on each side jamb with the panels meeting in the centre when they close. Sometimes, they can have a centre hinge with the panels opening out like a butterfly. The most common type of hinged doors are French doors.

Folding Doors also known as accordion doors are also space efficient and generally used in regions with warmer climate.

The material you choose for the door is also important. It should suit the architectural style and feel of your home and also be energy efficient. Patio doors are available in wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel and fiberglass. Wood, no doubt gives the elegant, classy look and is also a good natural insulator. It needs proper maintenance to retain its look. Aluminum is light weight, durable and needs least maintenance but lacks energy efficiency. Fiberglass another option is very strong, durable and environmental friendly. Modern fiberglass doors are available with a look resembling real wood while eliminating all the disadvantages of wood. However both wood and fiberglass are on the costlier side. Vinyl is energy efficient, needs least maintenance and is also inexpensive.

Another important component of patio doors is the glass used.  Clear glass or decorative etched glass in different patterns is available to suit your home. Buy doors with low e glass to let in maximum light and block harmful UV rays. The glass can be double or triple pane and argon enhanced to improve the insulation and make the door energy efficient. Installing the door properly with good weather stripping and sealing to avoid any leakage/ infiltration is paramount. With increasing energy costs and impending energy crisis, it is our responsibility to look for energy efficiency in all products we buy.

Buy Energy star rated patio doors to ensure this and get the doors installed preferably from professionals to get the best performance, like Champion Window and Doors. Check out a few Champion Window reviews and make sure for yourself that they have a good reputation. It’s always a good idea to compare prices, quality of products, and installation warranties with other contractors in your area.


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