This holiday season give your home a makeover

Makeovers are exciting. They make life interesting. Remember the time when you bought a new home or moved in to a new rented place? How enthusiastically you set up the place with furniture, carpets, curtains etc.? And then a few years later, all that seems boring. You need a refreshing change. There are a lot of things you can do- simple do it yourself things costing almost nothing or some things which can cost you a lot but would be worth considering.

Once you have decided to get that makeover, what better time than the holiday season can you think of? Of course you have to plan it, preferably 2 to 3 months earlier and decide based on your budget. so here are some things you can do.


  1. Focus on the front door: Paint your front door with bold, vibrant colors like red, yellow or orange or cool colors like a blue or green. Let your home stand out to welcome your family and friends.
  2. Clean up the front yard: Clean up, mow the lawn and trim the plants and bushes, put up some new potted plants. Make the entrance attractive. It wouldn’t cost you much.
  3. Declutter your home space :  Go through each room and give away or throw all the things you have hoarded and don’t need .This will create more space in the room
  4. Experiment with the furniture: Just rearrange the furniture and give a new look and feel to the room like putting the sofa at an angle. Paint some old chair with a different color or decorate the corners. Every little thing makes a big difference. Be creative.

If you can afford, buy new curtains, change the upholstery or change the carpet.  If not thoroughly clean them. You can also buy some antique show piece and add style to the room.

  1. Dress up your walls: Reinvent the whole space by painting one wall or a part of the wall with a different color and texture or using wallpaper. Put up some wall hangings or paintings with special lighting arrangement highlighting them.
  2. Upgrade appliances: If you are planning to do this, buy energy efficient appliances which will cut down your energy bills and save energy. Since there will be a lot of cooking and baking done in the holiday season, think of replacing your old oven with a newer energy efficient model..
  3. Change the lights: Changing the lights and the fixtures will transform the look of your room. However ensure that you use energy efficient LED lights or compact fluorescent bulbs. You can also change the lamp shades or paint the existing ones to create a different mood for the room.
  4. Replace windows: One of the very important features of any home are the windows. They give us daylight, ventilation and an outside view. The right type of window also adds style to your home. So if you are planning a makeover, consider replacing your windows.

However, since windows also let out heat, 10 to 25 % of the heating bill can be due to this heat loss. Buying energy efficient Champion windows will cut down this cost significantly. They come with the best weather stripping and insulation to provide loss of heat. The glass used for the windows is also energy efficient, while letting in good light and providing noise reduction.

Remember that you cannot replace the windows yourself. It is best to get professional help from the manufacturers, right from removing the old windows to replacing them with the new ones.

So go ahead and get the makeover done as early as possible. Don’t keep it for the last minute and end up hassled and stressed out during Christmas. Enjoy the holiday spending time with all your loved ones in your new looking home and gladly accept all the compliments you get for the makeover.


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