5 Ideas for Dressing Up Your Windows

Home décor is incomplete without window treatments. Windows are an essential and vital part of any room. There are several different ways for dressing up windows which can transform, and enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Homeowners can get security, save on energy consumption, control lighting, temperatures, and add to the beauty of the room by designing the material, color and decoration of their windows.

Changing the appearance and aesthetics of windows in any room of the home can include using materials such as vinyl, wood, or fabric. In addition to these materials you can also give your windows a make over by changing the glass, adding curtains or drapes among many choices that are available. It is a good idea to research and consider various options and choices, before you start your work on refreshing your windows.


window dressing

These are without a doubt the most common method of window decorating, however the advantage is that it is a lasting solution if they complement the color palette of the room and are chosen with care. Curtains can make a room look larger; add pizzazz, elegance, color, balance, energy, style, and beauty. As an example, ivory colored curtains will set off the darker colors used in furniture, décor items and rugs with attractive results. Curtains can cascade or tie back in style among other designs, and can have a formal or informal appearance depending on the use of the room.

Roller Shades

This type of window decoration is popular among homeowners as it is functional and does not take up much of space. Shades are designed to lie flat against the window and can be opened or closed easily by pulling a string. Shades can be right for your window if you want a modern, no fuss look and are on a budget.  Roller shades are simple and practical and is available in many fabrics, designs and materials. Solar shades help in keeping the heat out during summer and can help in keeping out ultraviolet rays.


If your aim is to brighten the room and add more light, minus the use of heavy curtains, then sheers are the perfect choice. Sheers are made from lightweight fabric and have the benefit of filtering views and light and can be combined with other window treatments. It can beautify your windows, can be cost effective and are available in a variety of fabrics including lace, linen, and in patterned or colored styles. If you use many folds and pleats, it will look elegant and showcase your windows to advantage.



Another popularly used window treatment is blinds and these are available in horizontal or vertical styles. The slats of the blinds can be closed and opened to let in or shut out light and are made from materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, and PVC. These window accessories can be used on a wide variety of window styles including bow, casement, French  window style among others. They can add sophistication to a room and match the décor and color schemes used in the room and offer privacy and are easy to maintain.

Combination Design

A unique way to dress up the window of a room that is special to you and family, can be by combining different styles in a layered design. Add a valence or drape along the top of a large window, tied back curtains on the sides and shades for controlling light.  Another combination style is to add a window seat along a bow window which has rollup shades. Contrast colors can be used for added effect.

Windows made of energy efficient glass and materials will help in preserving the window additions by not causing them to fade. The ultimate aim is to cut energy consumption costs and using top quality replacement windows can help in making your windows valuable part of your property. Window treatment trends change and the style you choose should be budget friendly and match your interior décor.


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